QuickSun® 130E

QuickSun® 130E

High-performance cell tester for laboratories and quality control

  • Class A+A+A+ solar simulator
  • Reliable results for the highest efficiency cells (PERC, HJT, IBC, bifacial)
  • Test jig for bifacial cells
  • Options: EL imaging, dark reverse IV, and temperature coefficients

QuickSun 130E is a versatile manually operated Xenon flash simulator for testing both ordinary and high capacitance crystalline silicon solar cells. A detailed test report is included with every simulator, proving class A+A+A+ performance with respect to spectrum, irradiance non-uniformity, and short-term instability (STI). The Xenon technology spectrum is continuous, from 300 nm up to 1,200 nm, and it complies without any reservations with the future standard IEC 60904-9 Ed.3. Long-term instability (LTI) is also within class A+ tolerances during the 100 ms long flash pulse – even the high efficiency and capacitance IBC and HJT modules can be measured accurately by applying the Capacitance Compensation (CAC) method.

Manually operated Kelvin contacted test jig is easily adjustable for crystalline silicon cells having four to six busbars. The cell support plate of the test jig has a very low reflectance making the test jig suitable for bifacial cells.

Temperature correction coefficients
Temperature correction coefficients can be measured when the test jig is equipped with an optional controller for heating the cells up to 70 °C. Correction coefficients are calculated and evaluated automatically as described in the standard IEC 60891 ed.2 while QuickSun software measures IV characteristics at different temperatures.
Dark reverse IV characteristics
Dark reverse IV characteristics can be measured with the DR-IV option providing information both on shunt and avalanche characteristics at elevated reverse voltages.
A Dark reverse I-V curve measured with QuickSun 130E cell tester
EL Imaging
EL imaging instrumentation can be easily integrated with the basic QuickSun 130E. Better than 100 μm pixel resolution images are recorded with an exposure time of a few seconds.
An EL image of a photovoltaic cell taken with QuickSun 130E cell tester
Extended test area
Extended test area up to 32 x 42 cm, e.g. for testing also mini modules, is available. Irradiance non-uniformity is measured with a 2 x 2 cm² sensor which guarantees that also thin film samples which typically have small area cells will be measured accurately. Flash pulse duration and throughput are optimized for each case individually.
Technical Details
Test area160 mm x 160 mmCustomizable up to 320 mm x 420 mm
Contacting4-wire / Kelvin4 – 6 busbars, bifacial
Loadfeedback controlled MOSFETadjustable bias 0 – 4.5 V
Voltage sweepIsc -> Voc, Voc -> IscCapacitance Compensation (CAC) method
Voltage measurement1 – 4 V (other scales on request)Accuracy better than 0.2 %
Current measurement0.5 – 25 A (other scales on request)Accuracy better than 0.2 %
Flash pulse length100 msLTI A+
Irradiance control200 – 1200 W/m²Resolution 1 W/m²
Cell temperature controlRT – 70 ºCAccuracy 1 ºC
Pmp repeatability(max-min)/(max+min) < 0.25 %Stdev σ < 0.1 %
Average flash tube lifetime500 000 flashes
Operation temperature15 – 35 ºC
Mains utilities1~, 110 / 230 Vac, 20 / 10 A, 50-60 Hz