Irradiance non-uniformity

Changes in irradiance non-uniformity specification in IEC60904-9 Ed.3

  • The upcoming IEC 60904-9 Ed.3 standard on the classification of solar simulators emphasizes the important role of irradiance non-uniformity.
  • There is no method to correct the effects of poor uniformity on the IV curve.
  • Classification A+ sets the limit for non-uniformity at ± 1%.
  • Irradiance non-uniformity should be measured with a sensor spacing of 1 cm.
  • Therefore, if a 125 mm cell is used to measure non-uniformity, a 2 meters by 1 meter test area requires 120 measurement positions.

  • QuickSun 550CE has an integrated X-Y stage for irradiance non-uniformity measurements.
  • The number of positions is fully customizable.
  • On the left is a non-uniformity measurement result on an area of 205cm by 105 cm with 128 measurement positions.

  • In addition to an automated non-uniformity measurement, QuickSun 550CE can perform lamp adjustments automatically, so perfect non-uniformity is easily maintained.
  • The standard IEC 60904-9 recommends that non-uniformity is regularly checked.