QuickSun® 600

QuickSun 600 is a fully automated solar simulator for IV testing PV modules. A full collection of other back-end module tests, such as EL imaging, hipot, ground bond, optical inspection, and bypass diode tests, is integrated into the system. A throughput of 150 – 200 modules per hour is achieved.

QuickSun® 600Lab

QuickSun 600Lab establishes a completely new product class for PV module laboratories – Class A+A+A+ solar simulator and high resolution EL inspection as a single table top system.

QuickSun® 540XLi

QuickSun 540XLi is a versatile testing system for qualifying the largest-area BIPV modules with dimensions up to 360 × 210 cm². The basic setup includes a top-class solar simulator that measures modules in the sunny-side up position. Additional measurement methods can be integrated into the same system, including high-resolution EL imaging.

QuickSun® 800-series

QuickSun 800-Series simulators are class AAA tunnel or tower type module simulators that can be equipped with EL imaging and Electrical Safety testing functionality. Optimal for laboratory use or small to medium scale manufacturing.

QuickSun® 130E

QuickSun 130E is a versatile manually operated Xenon flash simulator for testing both ordinary and high capacitance crystalline silicon solar cells.

QuickSun® 550Ei

QuickSun 550Ei is a versatile testing system for qualifying of PV modules. Basic setup includes class A+A+A+ solar simulator which measures modules in sunny side up position. The system can be equipped with integrated EL imaging and Electrical Safety tester.

QuickSun® 550CE

QuickSun 550CE is a fully automated, high-throughput module testing station combining class A+A+A+ solar simulator, EL imaging, and Electrical Safety measurements in a single compact machine.